The Refugees

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When Jasmine Marshall and her fellow hostages finally won back their freedom and escaped from the mysterious town of Kolob, they believed they would be rejoining civilization and resuming their normal lives. To their horror, what they found on the other side of the dense forest was far worse than anything they could have ever imagined.

On December 21, 2012, an unprecedented series of global attacks changed the world and shook the very foundations of society. A significant portion of the Earth’s population died following exposure to an illness that the media dubbed ‘The Maya Virus’, leaving the survivors to examine and question their humanity as vampires, demigods, and zombies crawled from the body bags of the aftermath. Valkyries, demons and other ancient creatures that had lain in wait for centuries began to emerge, seeking to claim the spoils and feed on what remains of mankind. Panicked governments are struggling to maintain order – some of them at any cost.

With her newfound empathic power driving her toward the tumultuous precipice of insanity, Jazz will now face the single greatest tribulations of her life. Will she choose to follow the man she loves despite his many unsettling secrets, or will she succumb to a treacherous phantom from her troubled past who could very well provide the ultimate key to her survival?


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“The lengths the author went to with the details, to make this fictional novel believable was spectacular. I absolutely love, love, loved this book.” ~Melissa

“It’s a well written engaging read by an author who clearly excels at storytelling and holding a reader to the page. This is not a genre I usually read but this author is a storyteller that is so worth reading no matter ones preference…” ~Luv2Read

“You get a lot more drama, character liking and disliking a lot more than you did in the first book. You get answers to questions and the ending has you going WHAT! So when will book three be out.” ~Autumn Fallen Over Book Reviews

“This is a fast paced, thrilling ride of rollercoaster proportions! The story is so well written, it felt like I was actually there! I found myself turning the pages, just to find out what mysteries would be solved, only to have more questions pop up!” ~Lynn W.


“I hope it’s magic and a cheeseburger pops out.” Beck joked as she started to unfold it gently.

“It looks like it’s in multiple languages.”

“Here let me see it.”

Suddenly a sharp, shrill cry split loudly through the stillness and echoed as it bounced off the walls and narrow alleyways. Jasmine jerked in surprise and both the baggie and the sheet of paper fluttered to the ground as she released them before Beck had gotten a hold on them.

“That sounded like Kaori.” He breathed in the split second that it took for Jazz to recover.

“This way!” Jazz grabbed his wrist and he dropped the metal wall plate to the ground with a clatter as she dragged him in the direction of the scream.

Beck overtook her in a second, pulling ahead only to temper his pace so that he didn’t get too far away to protect her if needed. A violent screech erupted through the buildings that sounded like a combination of fingernails down a blackboard and sheet metal being fed into a wood chipper. Jazz’s strides faltered; she gripped her ears with both hands and screamed as the noise filled her head and made her eyes burn from the inside out.

“What the fuck was that?” She shrieked when it had subsided.

“Look out!”

As Jazz rounded the corner of the building Beck suddenly doubled back with a shout, barreling into her and knocking them both to the damp, filthy ground just as a massive, dark shape sailed over their heads and crashed into a crumpled heap on the ground. In his next breath Beck was already on his feet, taking the stance of a practiced wrestler preparing to take on his opponent for the title. Jazz scrambled backward until she felt the warm concrete of the building against her shoulder and then she froze, stunned and gaping at the unbelievable sight that was rising to its feet in front of him.

The demon woman was easily over six feet tall with long, sinewy limbs and a strong, slender torso. Even in the fading light it was obvious that something was off about the color of her skin as it rippled over her muscular frame. Its crimson eyes blinked slowly and it tossed a shin length ocean of carmine colored hair from its face and crouched, matching Beck’s stance, ready for battle.

“Jazz run!”

Beck screamed at her over his shoulder but she couldn’t move; she was frozen in place as she stared at the thick, eight inch long horns that snaked from the front of the woman’s forehead, arched toward the sky and then curled forward just before coming to dangerously sharp points. The monster stretched a set of large, leathery, bat like wings that protruded from its shoulder blades and blotted out the sky behind it for a span that was at least six feet wide.

“What the hell is that thing?” She breathed as the creature opened its mouth and the earlier screeching sound was repeated.

“Took ya long enough!” Piper shrieked from the other end of the street where two more were slowly circling her and Kaori.

Jazz suddenly felt like an innocent and unarmed bystander caught between two gun fights as she realized that, on either side of her, this was a clear case of monster-versus-monster and she was horribly outmatched in all directions.