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Author LM Smith

L. M. Smith is both an avid reader and writer. Her favorite authors include Kim Harrison and Richard Adams. She began writing stories and poetry as a child and has always been fascinated by mythology, various global cultures, and the paranormal.

A self-proclaimed ‘desert rat’, she lives near Las Vegas, Nevada with her soul mate, their three dogs, and one very sassy black cat. She is proud to be an alumna of the University of Phoenix as well as a member of the Epsilon Pi Tau Honor Society, and was thrilled when the sorting hat placed her in Ravenclaw House, fulfilling a decades long ambition.  She enjoys playing online video games, painting pottery, various forms of needlework, and binge-watching entire seasons of her favorite TV shows in one day with her sweetheart.

Thanks largely to the encouragement and vivacious faith of her wonderful fans, L.M. has finally allowed herself to hope that she may someday see Jasmine and all of her friends brought to life on the silver screen.