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Welcome to this website dedicated to Author L.M. Smith and her many publications, appearances, and involvements.  Within this site you will find information about the author herself, a complete listing of her published works, access to free downloads, samples of each publication, first-hand accounts of her public appearances and much more.

L.M. is currently working on the highly anticipated 4th and final novel in her acclaimed Jazz Nemesis series and this is where you can get an EXCLUSIVE look at the cover design before it hits shelves!  Be sure to subscribe to this page as well because the first Sneak Peek of book 4 will be made available here before it can be found anywhere else!

Also in current production is a series of blog publications titled The Constitutionalist’s Daughter.  These regular installments will give subscribers an inside look into L.M.’s childhood and what it was like growing up the daughter of a brilliant yet eccentric man with an above average distrust toward governmental authority.  These controversial, tell-all installments will take the form of a memoir, written by L.M. herself and published online for everyone to enjoy, absolutely FREE and you can find a link to get started reading in the upper right corner of any page of this website.

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Finally, L.M. invites you to browse one of her favorite online stores, The Crystal Hand.  Here you’ll find a variety of products from home decor and items of spiritual significance, to unique clothing and fan swag from many of L.M.’s favorite TV shows, movies, and books!  The site offers FREE SHIPPING on all items, including L.M.’s own Jazz Nemesis novel series and adds new and intriguing items on a regular basis!  Enjoy and thank you for your support!